IRIS: Ultrasonic precision research

Are your pipes and tubes still in original condition?
With high-resolution IRIS equipment, your IVT expert team probes for irregularities in the pipe wall thickness of your installations – across the entire length and diameter. It detects where pitting, internal and external corrosion affected pipe walls and tells you exactly how much wall thickness is left everywhere. Baffles, fins and / or baffles do not affect the measurements.

Accurate to the micrometer!
Your result? You know down to the micrometer where you need to intervene to ensure the safety and reliability of your processes.
Or you calculate when a certain part needs to be replaced…

Your options for IRIS research:

Use IRIS technique to measure remaining wall thickness in both ferrous and non-ferrous pipes-between 10mm to 150mm ID. IRIS inspection supports the optimal and safe operation of your heat exchangers, condensers and coolers. Steam boilers and boiler pipes, vertical heat exchangers, Airfin coolers or banks, miscellaneous plant piping.

1. Heat exchangers, condensers and coolers

  • General internal or external corrosion inspection.
  • Erosion at the (steam) inlet.
  • External corrosion just above the bottom tube plate.

2. Steam boilers and boiler pipes

Measure the boiler pipes via the steam drum:

  •  Decrease in wall thickness due to erosion of the soot blowers.
  • Decrease in the external wall thickness of the boiler pipes just above the mud drum (under the concrete).
  • Decreases in the general internal wall thickness.

3. Vertical heat exchangers

  • External corrosion just above the bottom tube plate or above the baffles (corrosion under deposits)
  • Erosion at the (steam) inlet.
  • General internal or external inspection of corrosion.

4. Airfin coolers or banks

  • Internal corrosion in the rollers
  • General internal pitting and corrosion inspection.
  • External corrosion just behind the headers.

5. Fire tube boilers (incl. Centering pieces)

  • Detection of corrosion and lime.
  • General internal and external corrosion.
  • Full pipe inspection.


After the examination, we provide you with a detailed report on the results of the measurement.

Example of an air cooler:

report example air cooler

Example of a heat exchanger:

report example heat exchanger

A graph with the measured minimum values:

example - measured value graph

Example results of internal pitting:

example - result - internal pitting
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